The Second Move to Georgia Avenue and the Third One to Layhill Road

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The Second Move to Georgia Avenue and the Third One to Layhill Road

In early July 1980, the committee found a house at 9033 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. This new location was not far from the previous temple, easy to commute, and had a nice landscape. The house selling price was US$260,000.00 but the Association was able to negotiate it down to US$240,000.00. The move was completed on December 7, 1980.

During the five-year period it became apparent that the Georgia Avenue location would not be adequate to meet the rapidly growing needs of its members. The committee therefore decided to make another move to the house at 13440 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, Maryland. This site has nice surrounding with 5 acres of land. The purchase price was US$265,000. Later on a room for the Principal Buddha image was added to the existing structure.

An Auspicious Move to the New Temple


On the eve of July 20, 1986 which was Asalha Puja Day (the full moon of the eighth lunar month), the committee and laypeople have relocated the Principal Buddha image “Phra Buddhamongkol Wimol D.C.” from the house on Georgia Ave. to be situated at the new location on Layhill Road. This day in the history was the day the Lord Buddha travelled from the Bhodi tree in Bodh Gaya to the Isipatana Forest to preach the five associates in the ancient times.

After moving into the new temple on Layhill Road, the monks and the temple committee did everything possible to comply with the laws in the State of Maryland to become recognized as a true religious temple.

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