2022 Songkran Festival at Wat Thai DC

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2022 Songkran Festival at Wat Thai DC

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  1. Merit-Making Ceremony for the Songkran Festival (10 April 2022)

The Board of Directors for Wat Thai DC has approved a merit-making ceremony for the Songkran festival of Sunday, April 10, 2022, recognizing that federal, state, and local governments have relaxed their COVID-19 policies in light of the improving public health situation. However, we urge the member of the Wat Thai DC community to protect themselves and take all necessary precautions when in public places like the temple The April 10 ceremony will be the first merit-making ceremony held for Songkran Day in two years. The Board of Directors has also decided that because of the ongoing public health situation and the safety of the community, only the traditional religious ceremonies like making offerings to the monks, gilding Luang Por Dam, and chanting will be held this year, but other activities like food stalls, cultural performances, and the Nang Songkran parade will not.

  1. Making Merit, Offering Food to the Monks on Sunday Mornings.

The Board of Directors resolved to make merit and offer food to monks on Sunday mornings, starting on Sunday, April 17, 2022, the Sunday after Songkran. Weekly activities on Sunday will begin at 7:00 a.m.

  1. Wat Thai DC School

As there are no teachers from Thailand this year, we will need volunteer teachers at Wat Thai DC to teach the children before the Buddhist Lent period begins this summer. The situation with COVID-19 has kept children and parents away from the temple for too long, and the Board of Directors would like to reopen the Wat Thai DC School to provide instruction in Thai language, music, and dance. The matter will be discussed with the teachers and parents in the near future.

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