News For and about Friend of the Dhamma
The Second Move to Georgia Avenue and the Third One to Layhill Road
May 1, 1980

In early July 1980, the committee found a house at 9033 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, Maryland. This new location was not far from the previous temple, easy to commute, and had a nice landscape. The house selling price was US$260,000.00 but the Association was able to negotiate it down to US$240,000.00. The move was completed on December 7, 1980.

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The First Monks’ Residence
May 1, 1974

Having sufficient funds, members of the Association conceived the idea of first to establishing a monks’ residence and second to invite at least two monks from Thailand to perform religious ceremonies.

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First Thai Buddhism in the U.S. introducing and opening
May 1, 1971

he initiative in establishing a temple for Buddhist residents in the local area began when several Thai communities in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and neighboring states

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